We are really excited for Liam Wilson, agency creative at SNAP LDN and friend of Stone Dogs.  His short film This is English is doing the circuit and has been selected for the Aesthetica Short Film Festival. Aestheica is a springboard for BAFTA and no small feat. We really believed in this project and are proud to be part of it.  Stone Dogs did the full post on this film.  No spoilers, you need to see it for yourself!

As well as the Aesthetica, This Is English will also be played at the London Short Series Festival and The Discover Film Awards.

Mr Wilson said: "When I got the emails saying the film made it, it was quite exciting."

"Obviously it would be great to make to it through to the Bafta's but hopefully the festival will help me meet people who let me write more."

"I would love to get into comedy writing. I have a few ideas knocking about for sitcoms and hopefully I will have a chance to write them."

"I have a taste for it now and I would like to write a few more."

Good luck Liam!